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עוד על Birkenstock...

Buying a pair of comfortable & famous Birkenstock shoes is a Purchase your feet and your whole body would really be Gratitude for, as the days go by. Birkenstock is a German family-owned and has extensive knowledge and experience regarding the production of comfortable shoes and slippers. Two hundred and thirty years, shoe manufacturing secrets passed down from generation to generation at the family. In 1774 the tradition was published and began a long journey that lasted until today and probably will not leave us soon.
Johann Birkenstock handedly created the first shoes. Conrad, his Grandson, adopted the original sandal and designed the first pair of Birkenstock with the contour line sole that famous and well known all over the world.  The uniqueness of this Sole is that it's adapts to the wearer's foot perfectly. Thus, offers Birkenstock sandals exceptional comfort and foot support in preventing shocks to the body. Germany, country home of Birkenstock mainly use sandals as slippers, but in other parts of the world and different countries they gained great popularity among professionals including doctors and chefs who spend long hours standing on them feet.
The tradition was welcomed also at the major fashion houses, with support from various celebrities like Heidi Klum and other that design for Birkenstock entire collections. the family has a simple philosophy of producing shoes: use nature and all that nature gave us in the shoe itself, to promote and preserve the natural function of the foot, In addition to nature and inspiration as a guiding principle in the production of shoes, Birkenstock protect the environment in very active way.
Birkenstock was one of the first companies that used materials without Soluble and solvent that exist in Commercial shoes production, and today, more than 95% of the components are environmentally friendly according to the standards of EU regulations and more green rules in Germany. Birkenstock has invested time and resources to ensure their manufacturing processes remain largely "green" - they use machines that been specifically designed to consume less power and generate less heat.

Birkenstock offers her customers affordable repair service for those who  really like their shoes and don't want to give up on them. It’s not only customer service's policy, but more significant decision of the reduction in the amount of junk consumer society nowadays. Birkenstock has loyal funs all this years .the Company is Attentive to sentiments time and fashion and committed to adapt to the constantly changing needs while maintaining the guiding principles of comfort and foot and body health. Specific model is especially popular is "Boston", the Boston model is available in a variety of sizes and colors and even different materials to choose from, starting at Birko-flor, nubuk leather to real leather or antique leather.



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